After the success of thier debut album, 'The New Victorian' which saw Wintergarden sign to Danish metal label Mighty Music and collaborate with one of rocks best guitarists, Clint Lowery from Sevendust fame and “Engineer of the year” / JUNO Award winner Kane Churko (ozzy osbourne /five finger death punch / in this moment), Wintergarden now release ‘Big Black Box’, the first single from their second album.

'Big Black Box' musically is a development for Wintergarden deeper into thier own brand of dark-metal. Using a more liberal dosage of electronic elements and a darker guitar tone, tuned to drop F, Wintergarden fuse in catchy riffs and strong female vocals to create a uniquely modern metal sound that is both energetic and soulful.


As the music shows the band exploring sounds outside of their previous album so the song text seem to also follow this line of thought. In the song lyrics we are told to "think outside", the "Big Black Box".


Exactly what the Big Black Box is, is left up to interpretaion but one need not ponder too long on the obvious analogies.



Miriam Gardner – Vocals,
Blake Gardner – Guitar & Synth,
Timothy Green – Bass,
Roenell Gysin – Drums



‘Steampunk Deluxe (EP) (2011)’

‘Sacrifice (Single) (2011)’

‘Breathe (Single) (2013)’

‘The New Victorian (LP) (2014)’

‘Big Black Box (single) (2015)’


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